Fighting the flu

So the story of our sniffles continues. It’s been a week of the 3 of us taking turns at trying to beat that pesky flu bug with Vitamin C’s, the occasional over-the-counter medication (when needed), lots of water, comfort food and just sleeping it off.

Gone are the days when we used to hurry the kids over to the family doc the moment we detected the slightest sniffs. Maybe they were seldom sick when they were little which made us even more paranoid whenever they did catch something.

You know, when you’ve been a mom for as long as I have, you end up becoming something of a Dr Quack. And at some point, Dr Quack decided she was liking those antibiotics less and less. So she took things upon herself and now…

… when I detect the slightest sniff, the kids know the next thing they’ll hear is that broken record my voice doing the Vitamin C rap! I betcha it’s not only my kids who hate this tune but the flu bugs hate it too. And then we wait for the ‘bugger’ to blow over on its own.

It’d be interesting to find out how you moms out there handle the flu bug when it comes around your household? Any comfort food you’d like to recommend, something other than chicken soup, that is?

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  • good Girl Gone Green

    My daughter is 11 months and hasn’t been sick yet. But if I suspect she might be sick I just load her with breast milk. If I am feeling not so hot, I drink more water then usual, eat foods high in vitamin C and rest. That usually works! Good luck Mama! Hope this week is better!

  • Jenny @ Full Cart Ful Wallet

    My oldest received a does of steroids in utero when I went into pre-term labor to develop his lungs. It’s my theory that this boosted his immune system, too. I can count on one hand the number of days he’s been sick and he’s 11yo. My youngest has been sick a couple of times, but he’s also really healthy. The only thing I take them to the doctor for is ear infections. I know the infections will go away on their own, but they’re in such pain I hate to see that!

    I found you through the vB GFC hop


  • Sandra Tyler

    Oh, god, is it flu season already? Irene has really whipped up fall mold, so that’s what’s gong around our house, with dead leaves falling sooner than they should…anyway, hang in there I guess is all one mom can say to another!

  • Lanae (@Hungrigyrl)

    Oh no, hope you all beat it soon! My boys both started with the sniffles on Friday, but they somehow still have enough energy that it didn’t ruin our weekend. Our time at the beach probably wasn’t the best thing for them but they still had fun! When my fam is sick, I try to be good about washing my hands and also their hands and spray a lot of door handles down and such. I can’t recommend anything other than chicken soup as comfort food, that works for them although they don’t have much of an appetite when they feel lousy. Just lots of fluids!

  • Lisa Albaladejo

    Hi there. Found you out on Twitter and now following. The flu bug has already hit my house about 2 weeks ago. We all had the nasty runny noses, chesty cough, and just downright nasties. We all dose up on the asidopholus plus tons of liquids and sleep. I am normally the only one that gets majorly sick as I am on Embrel shots for psoriatic arthritis and they lessen my immune system so I did have to run into the doctor for meds but the rest made it through without that. It sucks for sure but I hope that it is now over. I don’t get why the extreme heat here in St. Louis didn’t kill off those little boogers! LOL You can visit me at Happy Tuesday!