Of dinner, collateral and pampered morsels

We finally decided we had to get out of the house, sniffles and all, or risk cabin fever. Japanese, anyone? In our household, no one says no to Japanese. So we headed for the unknown, a restaurant we’ve never been to.

As we entered, a line of restaurant staff quickly formed to bid what we assumed to be a very warm welcome even as they started relieving us of our jewelry and items of value. We were led inside. The place was empty because well, we were early. Or could there be another reason?

Flipping through the oversized menu, we were both impressed and overwhelmed by the choices. It wasn’t easy to decide.

The tri-fish sashimi came with 3 slices each of salmon, salmon belly and tuna. The presentation itself, as you can see, is worth 20 pictures (according to Raine, our resident photog), what with the dried branches and yellow chrysanthemum (a real flower, yes!) providing such a rustic backdrop to these tasty morsels.

Then came the assorted set that included a stone slab of sizzling wagyu beef. Wagyu beef comes from pampered cows who’ve lived the good life of air-conditioned comfort and routine body massages and spa treatments to ensure their meat would be beyond tender.

Flipping the beef over, listening to the sizzle and flipping it back to see a nicely browned other side was half the food adventure. We’re simple folks and little things such as a few slices of beef can get us all excited. By the way, when savoring this melt-in-the-mouth morsel, it’s best not to linger on details like, um, the price 😳 .

And finally for tempura freaks like us, what’s a Japanese meal without this?

It was only when the check arrived that it became clear to us why we had to leave some sort of collateral at the door. Safe to say, our next trip back there will be delayed indefinitely, at least till my credit card recovers from the damage!

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