Kicking breakfast up a notch

We’re a breakfast family. No one leaves the house without breakfast. The thing about our breakfasts though is that they’re nothing fancy, just your regular jam and wholemeal toast and a glass of milk or water. It’s nothing that we have cook. It’s all straight out of the fridge!

Occasionally on the weekend, we do change things up a bit and everyone piles into the car for a fairly long drive to our favorite Indian restaurant for breakfast. The restaurant is very crowded and waiting for a table can take a while. You all know how much I love spicy (as do my kids) so it’s really worth the wait.

Here’s my roti canai (or naan or flatbread, I think it’s pretty much a variation of the same thing) and two types of chutney served on a banana leaf. Exotic, huh?

The chicken masala (in the background) is a must-have for us. It further spices up the whole meal. And there’s my morning glass of iced coffee. Cheers!

Is your weekend breakfast a little more fancy than the regular ones? What do you have?

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  • Charmaine

    My hubby is in charge of breakfasts on weekends. He makes a variety from pancakes, french toasts, hashbrowns, bacon and eggs, sausages, sauteed mushrooms, omelettes.

  • Beeb Ashcroft

    Ooh, that looks yummy! What we eat on the weekend all depends on what we have going on. Sometimes I might make a big breakfast, other times we might just enjoy relaxing in front of the TV with a bowl of cereal!

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    Happy Monday!