Do you talk to your teens?

If you have a bunch of two teens in the house, there’s no shortage of activity and chatter and I get to hear a lot of stuff that other moms probably don’t get to hear because, well, (I’m told by reliable sources) many moms don’t talk to their teens.

Which is really sad, if you ask me, but that’s the reality these days. Too busy with work. Too busy with life. Too busy making time for themselves. The parents of one of Raine’s friends frequently leave her home alone when they travel on romantic getaways, sans kids.

Many parents (and I’m not judging here) seem to find it easier just to buy their teens a car, shove a wad of cash into their hands and unleash their teens to do whatever it is they want to do with their friends and they (the parents) don’t want to know. And I think this is the recipe for teens getting into trouble!

We tend to look at teens and think, oh, they’re so big and tall now, surely they’re old enough to take care of themselves. Although they do look very much like adults, they still need your guidance which frequently involves listening, setting limits and knowing what is happening in their lives.

Me? I’ve got all day and I love talking to my kids and listening to everything from their excitement to their struggles to their love for funny tshirts. Of course, when I say talking, I also mean listening. It’s quite the adventure.

Steev’s away at college but I still talk to him every day, sometimes for up to 5 hours a day. Crazy, I know. How do we find so much to talk about? But yeah! We’ve enjoyed our mother-son talks since he was old enough to speak and turn cartwheels on the computer!

And with the girls, of course, we’re constantly chatting in the car. From simple things like what/where to eat, what color nail varnish to wear… to the big ones like so what’s my college major going to be (okay, let’s see, we’re still scratching our heads on this question!)

So how often do you talk to your kids/teens and what do you talk about?

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  • Michelle Winchester

    I totally agree with talkiing to our teens I talk to my teen all the time or listen to him more i should say and we talk about all knids off stuff, He tells me about the games he play on line and what he is doing who he is talking too and I may not know what he’s talking about most off the time but i show an interest.

  • Adrianne

    This reminds me of a phrase I saw somewhere: the goal is not to raise good kids, it’s to raise good adults. Good job, mama, and thanks for sharing! Everyone needs a reminder here and there!

    Happy to be your newest follower ~ Adrianne

  • Kelly Lininger

    Great post – I have 2 teen girls and yes – we talk ALL the time – about anything and everything.. There are a few challenges going on now with my 15 year old but I am so thankful she doesn’t keep secrets – she’s awful at it…. and she really does want my advice and thoughts – I have been told that I am lucky and I know I am….
    Dropping by from Boost My Blog Friday – Would love a follow back.