Trail of breadcrumbs

For the past week, I’ve been stressing about a trip I had to make that would take me out of the civilized world, as I know it. You would be stressing too if you were anywhere as directionally challenged as I am. I blame it entirely on my bad genes, of course… and the fact that I refuse to get myself a GPS.

Okay, fine, maybe I’m just being silly, or illogical, or stubborn. But I’m not sure I want an electronic control freak telling me where to go! That and the fact that year after year, I’ve had to answer frantic calls from my cousin saying her husband’s been driving around in circles and they’re completely lost getting to my place.

It seems we’re not just a family of directionally-challenged, we’re also in the habit of marrying the directionally-challenged. But in her case, it’s not that they refused to get a GPS, it’s that they were lost in spite of one!

As for my trip to nowhere yesterday, I had Raine with me, my trusty navigator who helped me get out of that SF fix. But no GPS. Armed simply with paper and pen, she was busy leaving a trail of breadcrumbs so Hansel and Gretel could find their way home later.

Am I the only person in the modern world who does not own a GPS? Just sayin’.

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  • good Girl Gone Green

    LOL. We have a GPS because we moved to the USA over 2 years ago and have been moving around. We needed to be able just to go to the grocery store….hehe. I am sire there are lots of people that don’t have a GPS. I still google map my path before leaving anywhere…

  • Nissa

    Nope, not the only one! 🙂 Some friends were talking about the GPS functions on their phones, and I chimed in that I wouldn’t even own my “old-fashioned”, plain-jane cell phone if my husband hadn’t purchased it for me to take on a trip. At this rate, I don’t foresee me getting GPS before our cars start driving themselves! 😉

    New follower via Super Stalker Sunday! 🙂

  • Crystal Jigsaw

    We have one built into the car but neither of us know how to use it! I am very directionally challenged and get lost often, even on the country roads near where I live!

    Giving me directions is like talking to a wall. I have to write everything down and then I still get lost!

    CJ xx