Punishment by pebbles

In the days of old, pirates made their prisoners walk the plank. Wonder if they ever thought to make them walk the pebbles instead.

This pebble path running through a small scenic garden is specially constructed to feature protruding pebbles. Looks harmless enough, right? But have you tried walking on the pebbles – barefoot?

Don’t be fooled by these innocent-looking pebbles. They are thin and sharp and they send bolts of pain shooting up through what doesn’t even feel like your feet after a while. Yup, they make you dance around in pain and make you wish you’d never stepped on them with your bare feet. Yikes!

My girls are always game to attempt this Walk of Pain. They think it’s fun waving their arms and going ouch, ouch, ouch all the way down the pebble path like it’s some kind of ancient war dance.

Me? Not so much. I rarely even make it a quarter way down and that’s all the punishment I can take. Give me Lady Gaga or Justin Beiber any time! (I never thought I’d actually say that but yeah.)

Apparently having the nerves of your bare feet stimulated in this way is good for blood circulation and health in general. I tend to look at this as some sort of medieval punishment even worse than walking the plank 🙄 .

But that’s just me. Have you heard of, or tried this pebble walk or something similar?

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