It’s a Monday alright!

I can so smell it in the air and feel it in my bones. If you read my tweets, you might’ve heard me say a little craziness is okay but I ended up getting a boatload of it.

It’s the first day of the fall semester for Raine. She only has a 2-hour class and she’s done for the day. So we’re off battling rush hour traffic first thing this morning. We needed to get to college early so she could locate the classroom.

So I drop her off, she manages to locate her classroom and I’m happily on my way home, right? Not so fast! I’m almost home after an hour of inching along in barely moving traffic, my foot numb from hitting the brakes 500 times per minute, and Raine calls me to say… class has been cancelled!

You gotta be kiddin’ me, right? On the first day of school? Well, if you’ve been a mom of 3 for this many school years, you know nothing surprises you anymore. So what else is there to do but to turn around and go back?! Duh! Two whole hours wasted!

The rest of the morning was spent answering questions about the bags we lost flying from Tokyo to San Francisco oh so long ago. No, I do not have those boarding passes, but if and when I do decide to start a collection, I promise you’ll be the first to know 🙄 .

Because of that, I started lunch late. Dumped the scalloped potatoes in the oven, went out to pick Skye from school, and happily thought we could get down to gobbling lunch right away. But the potatoes weren’t cooked through and had to go right back into the oven while our tummies did cartwheels and drumrolls!

Like the weather, the rest of the afternoon took a turn for the worst when I realized I had to deal with a bunch of unreasonable women (think I’ve mentioned them here before). Yes, the same ones you can’t knock any sense into if you talked yourself blue. I’ll spare you the gory details.

So now I’m home, showered for the third time today. My freshly shampooed hair smells so good. Can’t wait to work some of this stress off tomorrow at the gym. Hope you’re enjoying your Monday/first day of school. Right now, I’m all for happy tales of Monday so please humor me if you’ve got any to share 😉 .

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