The reason for a picnic

Friday evenings are quite a big doo-dah for us these days. I signed Skye up for Math tutoring for these next couple of months. It’s just to give her more confidence with topics that are haphazardly covered at school.

Late Friday evenings are definitely not the best time to be out if you want to keep your stress level down. But we don’t have a choice as this is the only time schedule available and we like that this tutor explains very well, teaches a structured approach to dealing with questions and doesn’t spoon-feed the kids.

So Friday evenings it is! Granted it’s the hottest time of day when the setting sun is making one last attempt to grill us all to a crisp before calling it a day. Not to mention that driving down the highway with the setting sun directly in my eyes isn’t exactly fun either. So my sun shades are down and my new pair of Ray Bans are on.

The only thing left then is that horrendous Friday evening rush hour traffic. I used to drop Skye off, then head on home, and pick her up later. But it’s gotten to the point where if I do that, I would have to leave again the minute I reach home, which makes no sense whatsoever!

So these days, Raine (who usually comes along for the ride) and I head to the club instead after we drop Skye off. The club is halfway between our home and the tutor’s. So we’re saving time and stress by hanging out at the club’s library till it’s time to pick up Skye.

But not on rainy Fridays though because then, even that shorter distance is undoable. We’ve had to make a U-turn before we even reached the club or we wouldn’t have enough time to go back and pick up Skye. That’s how bad it can get!

So guess what Raine and I did today? We saw how bad traffic was and decided we weren’t going anywhere. We would just camp out in the car outside the tutor’s home with our jar of chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of iced water. Our picnic on a Friday evening!

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  • Steph B

    Sounds like fun! Especially the cookies. Hehe.

    I don’t remember ever having a real picnic. Does taking McDonald’s to the park count? LOL

  • Mom Fashion World

    Picnic is a good family activity.

    By the way, stumbled upon your blog via Weekend Blog Hop.
    I’m following you now via GFC. Cared to follow back?
    Please feel to visit my blog,


  • Lisa Weidknecht

    Great idea!
    Thank you for joining in the Planet Weidknecht Weekend Hop. I hope you gain many new followers and meet some new friends. Be sure to stop by next week and link up again.

  • Book4MyDaughter

    It’s great that you could turn a potentially boring and tedious event for your child, into a rainy day picnic. So much of the time, I think it’s our attitude and approach to life that allows our children to see the positive sides to life. Thanks for sharing your picnic idea—it’s a rainy day today and I need to think of some things to do with the kids.