What a way to start August

Happy August! Can’t believe we’re in August. Now let me tell you how August has started for me…

Our water supply stopped suddenly on the last day of July. That can only mean one thing – that we roll into August with taps completely dry. Did I forget to pay the bill? No, I just did last week. Oh well, so it must be something else!

We have an outdoor water filtration system that just decided it would stop working. for no apparent reason. I don’t typically fall for the ‘no apparent reason’ story. But I was led to believe the filter had gotten blocked so no water was getting through.

Okay, fine, whatever! As long as I can brush my teeth and have my shower before bedtime, whatever it is can wait. In any case, I decided to call the filter company anyways and since it was Sunday night, what was I really expecting?

So yeah, whatever the problem might as well just add itself to my Monday morning blues list. If I’m going to be miserable, it might as well be a Monday, right?

First thing Monday morning, I call the filter company and they said they’d send someone over. The guy takes one look at my water filter and goes, why isn’t the lever turned on?

I’m like, right, so-oo that’s it, huh?!! Reeally, huh?

The lever’s been shut off, ma’am, that’s why you have no water!

Ya, ya, ya, I heard ya the first time!

Just great, someone must’ve turned the filter off to do a backwash and forgot to turn it back on! Fortunately, that someone wasn’t me (not going to name names here ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Unfortunately, I was the one standing in front of the water filter guy looking like an idiot.

The first day of August had me walking around with a paper bag over my head. Yes, what a laugh! ๐Ÿ˜†

So, tell me, how did August start for you?

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  • Gena L

    That’s soooo frustrating!!! argh!!!

    I’m following you from Twitter!! Well, okay, not FROM Twitter….but I found you on Twitter!


    • Clairity

      Sure was.

      Since he’d come all the way, I got him to service the filter. Cost me a good buck but at least, our filter is good as new now.

  • Steph B

    Soooo something I would do! :S

    My August? So far better than July! It is looking to be a relaxing and peaceful month. July was an insane crazy month.

    PS: Following you now!

  • Great Beauty Buys

    Hi there, I’m a grateful new follower from the Sunday hop. Hilarious story about the water being turned off. Sounds like something I would do. Have a wonderful weekend.


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  • Minta

    That definitely sounds like my Mondays…Just became your newest follower..would love for you to stop by my blog. I found your blog from Monday Monkey blog hop.