Little accomplishments

Okay, here we are, a new week, another Monday. Happily I accomplished a couple of small things this past weekend. A little more than I usually do at least 😀 .

This morning, I finally got around to trimming my own bangs. They were beginning to resemble overgrown weeds. And I got my new blog header up – (from left to right) flowers on sale at the farmer’s market, Cheesecake Factory’s shrimp and fries, red flowers from the roadside, my favorite Baja Fresh salad, and sunflowers in full bloom. Like it?

Yesterday, we made pancakes from scratch. For months now, I’ve been buying baking supplies, a little at a time, at the encouragement of my girls, and stashing them away for lack of motivation to do much with them. So I’ve been buying and stashing, buying and stashing, and then, nothing!

The poor butter has been in and out of the fridge since round about Thursday last week, waiting to be used for the pancakes I’ve been promising the girls since June, or was it February? 😯 Time to put those baking supplies to good use.

So I marched the girls down to the kitchen going, if you want pancakes, you’ll have to help me make the batter. And they happily agreed. Just like that! Now our pancake batter is sitting in the fridge waiting to become today’s lunch.

Saturday night, we had two dinners. Consecutively. We had dinner at Fridays. As you might’ve guessed, in the Land of Diminishing Portions, the servings can be pathetically inadequate and we were still hungry after eating this, this and this.

So we casually strolled over to Vietnam Kitchen with our hungriest puppy dog eyes and proceeded to eat a set meal to share. I’m not sure if I should call this an accomplishment but I wouldn’t recommend doing this too often 😀 .

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