The gift

I received a gift from possibly the last person on earth I’d expect a gift from. This was a couple of months ago but I totally forgot to blog about it. How could I 😯 ?!!

Considering that this is a genuine Louis Vuitton wallet (yes, I checked) from Paris, France (no less), I must seem awfully unappreciative not to have gotten all excited and blogged about it the minute I was done swooning, dancing around the room and singing praises to the creative genius of dear old Louis.

Truth is I am… appreciative, I mean… very!!

I guess I was more bowled over by the fact that I have at least this one relative who actually took time off to unwrap herself from the bragging, showing off and one-upmanship to buy me a gift! I mean, this fact alone is worth a thousand blog posts!

And not just any old gift at that!

Don’t get me wrong. One can never have too many wallets or too much cash to fill them with. But let me be brutally honest here. This is such an ugly wallet! No offense to LV lovers, of course. It’s brown, it’s boring and it’s got someone else’s initials stamped all over it. ‘Nuff said.

Okay, here’s the other thing. I’m not sure what prompted this sudden gift. It’s neither my birthday nor am I in the habit of distributing gifts to all and sundry in the hopes of getting something back.

So I’m guessing it could be because this brand-conscious relative of mine took one look at me and thought to herself – what an utterly deprived woman, how can she live without an LV?! 😯

I know. It must be shocking to someone like her seeing as how we are are so often judged by the cars we drive, the brand names we carry and the size of gifts we give! I can’t blame her though. She doesn’t know me for the rebel who won’t subscribe to Beemer-worshipping or praying to the Money God or judging people by the size of their bank account.

As for my shopping philosophy, if it’s an item everyone else has, chances are I will avoid it like the plague. If I happen to like the design, fine. If it’s solely for the sake of keeping up with the Joneses, forget it! So I’m different. I’m me. Why would I want to be like everyone else?

Anyhoo, to my most thoughtful relative – Thank you, it’s very sweet of you. My LV now is safely locked away in my closet till it goes out of style and time turns it into a priceless vintage 😉 .

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