Trip to nowhere

Living in the city can be crazy at times. Today was one of the those days when Raine and I spent an entire morning at the gym and running errands which left me no time to cook. So after picking Skye up from school, we decided, on a whim, to head to the city for lunch.

Going downtown on a weekday is not a standard practice. But it seemed like a good idea today. So after a hurried shower, we jumped in the car. We were hungry and couldn’t wait to eat. But the minute we turned off the highway, we ran into this.

Traffic was at a standstill. You gotta be kidding me, right? Every single one of the signs at the entrance to the basement parking lot we were trying to get to said “Full” in red! On a weekday? What on earth is going on downtown today? A visiting dignitary from Pluto? A ping pong tournament for penguins? An international gummy bear convention? 🙄

No idea but we sure weren’t going to sit around to find out. We did an about turn and headed back to the suburbs. Nice! We’d just wasted a whole hour sitting in traffic and were nowhere nearer to lunch. What a crazy afternoon!

By the time we picked up lunch and headed home to eat it, it was way past 2:00pm! Luckily I had a fresh young coconut in the fridge to cheer me up and lunch turned out to be super yummy.

Been caught in anything crazy like this lately?

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  • Gladys

    These days with a new baby I just try to not go out during rush hour. I can’t imagine the stress…

    I’m a new follower and it will be awesome if you can stop by my site at

  • Brooke

    Hey hip mom…luckly i have not been in any traffic jams lately…my crew and I have been staying close to home as of late. We are however about to head out of town for the week-end….hope we don’t run into any jams. Thanks for the comment…following you back!


  • Olivia

    Aloha!!! New follower here via the Blog Hop… That’s crazy traffic…. But, I can relate… Have you ever tried to drive into downtown Honolulu? YUCK!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!! 🙂 –

  • Kim @justByou

    Oh I hate traffic! Wasted time, for sure. Haven’t been stuck lately, and glad for that. =)
    New follower from You Like Me Friday blog hop!
    Looks like a fun blog you have, so I’m excited to follow.

  • Blr Graham

    How sweet!

    Following your lovely blog. You may also visit (Momma’s Lounge) and meet more mom bloggers (add blog here: