Well, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, it’s vegetarian day at the Hip household. The girls and I stopped by the Buddhist temple for a quick vegetarian lunch. The food is free for a small donation of whatever amount you wish to give and one more thing, you have to wash up after your meal.

To save myself the trouble of figuring out what to cook later, I bought these vegetarian dishes for dinner.

A sweet and sour dish of assorted veggies – cucumbers, tomatoes and pineapples

A spicy vegetarian curry of cabbage, long beans, eggplant and bean curd

Vegetarian never tasted so good but still my picky eaters opted out. So I made them roasted potatoes and carrots instead while they whipped up a large bowl of instant mushroom soup to share.

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  • jenny at dapperhouse

    Your potatoes and carrots look better than the other two dishes! Your daughters are lucky to have a mom to cook especially for them. I am a vegetarian so I am going to check out your “meatless” blog posts AND we are going to Disney for the first time so I am going to read your “Tips for taking your kids to the theme park” too. Thanks for all the great Info!
    – jenny at dapperhouse