Hazy days and Mondays

As a general rule, I have nothing against Mondays. Not since my days as a suit and even back then, Mondays mornings often found me enjoying a quiet cup of coffee in my office as I waited for the groggy work day to awaken outside. I did hate Monday morning meetings though for the fact that it was everyone’s perfect day to feign amnesia 😯 .

As I said, Mondays don’t usually bother me. I think they’re okay as long as you’ve had a good Sunday before that. The girls and I had ourselves a nice lunch yesterday at our favorite Japanese restaurant. Well, we had a 40 dollar discount voucher which worked out beautifully 😉 .

Mondays are not the rush they used to be when the kids were younger. My girls are pretty much on auto-pilot as far as school/college is concerned. Except for the taxi part, that is. And while I’m up and out, I might as well head on over to the gym and have myself a good dose of recycled carbon dioxide from the good folks working off their weekend binge guilt 😛 .

Speaking of food, this weather’s way too hot and hazy to do anything but nibble. But I guess we still gotta eat. So let’s see what we’re having this week:


  • Garlic bread
  • Ginger chicken
  • Salad


  • Vegetarian noodles and curry
  • Potato wedges


  • Pasta bake


  • Salmon linguine


  • Eating out

So what’s up on your Monday? Are you prone to the dreaded Monday blues?