Fish without the chips

We were planning to have fish and chips for lunch. Dived into my fridge and dug around for a bit. Turned out I had the fish but not the chips, lime but not lemon, salad but not coleslaw.

But never mind, being the queen of improvisation, I made roasted potato wedges instead, and threw some romaine, lettuce, cucumber, oranges and raisins to make a quick salad.

And in the background, you can see my fresh iced young coconut waiting to be slurped up. Yums, healthy and so so good for a hot, humid day. I could eat this every day!

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  • Jenine

    That looks tasty. I’d give just about anything for a really good fish and chips though. It’s been so long since I’ve had some.

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  • Rae

    That looks srmmty, I had fish n chips out with my mum tis week, it was good but yours looks better, specially as ours didn’t have salad (found you via the happy go lucky mingle with us blog hop)