What kind of mother is this?!

Anyone else following the Casey Anthony case? Truth is I’ve not been able to stay away. Simple as that. Not that I even tried.

Being a mom myself, I find it truly appalling that a mother aka Casey Anthony could spin such a giddy web to lies to cover up what (I believe) she did to her little daughter. Mind you, Caylee Anthony was only 2. We hear about the terrible two’s but if you ask me, there’s nothing terrible about a child at age 2.

Two is when a child is just starting to become inquisitive about everything. I remember my kids at that age asking 100 questions per hour, and those little feet going 100 miles an hour.

It really tears me up to watch those pictures and videos of little Caylee, happy and carefree and totally oblivious to the fact that her own mother, the one person she should trust to love and protect her, would be the one to do something so unthinkable to her.

How could anyone snuff the life out of their 2-year-old, then throw her body out like garbage into the woods, just so they could go about their wild partying ways without being tied down to the responsibility of being a mother and raising their child? It’s absolutely beyond me.

I mean, Casey Anthony really didn’t have to kill Caylee. She had just about the best support system there is, one that would be the envy of young mothers everywhere. Her parents and brother doted on little Caylee (and who wouldn’t? she was so cute!). She could’ve just left her with them. Or given her up for adoption.

Day after day, I’m glued to the courtroom circus, legal analysis and never-ending twists and turns. Another week or so before the defense wraps up the case and then it’s anyone’s guess. I can’t wait to see how this will all turn out for Casey Anthony.



  • Debbie McCormick

    Unfortunately I don’t have a court TV to see anything but I do check online from time to time. It is appalling. I don’t like to feel hate towards anyone but I do feel hate towards this mother. The web of lies and immaturity is ridiculous. It is so incredibly sad.

  • Jennifer *Jennifer's Deals*

    I have seen the trial a few times, but have not really followed it much. I am just so appalled by the whole thing. I have two little girls, and they have made me mad but I would never hurt them. I can’t even look at her! :/

  • Pamela

    I just cannot—I’d be in tears all day! I mean I know there are bad parents but as you said there are support systems….

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  • Mom 4 Real

    I can’t watch…it just makes me sick to my stomach. I look at my little girl, who I love more than life, and can’t imagine how someone could be so self serving and cruel. So sad. Visiting and now following via You Like Me Hop…hop on over to my blog and gollow back if you like… mom4realky.blogspot.com

    Jessica K

  • Lanae

    I can’t believe it either! It is incredibly disturbing and disgusting. I don’t watch every moment, I don’t think I could…but am following the case closely by reading the updates online every day. Casey is just crazy and I hope her punishment is strong, its just so sad that nothing will bring back the precious little girl that was so loved by her grandparents. I just can’t imagine what kind of person would do something like that. Ugh.

  • Bethany

    I have been able to stay away from most of the news about this case. But I just can’t help clicking on some of the links. Horrible=(
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  • Susan

    Okay…business out of the way first before I ramble! Thanks for linking up in the Footloose and Fancy Free Hop…I already am a follower of your’s. Now…I can ramble! I have watched this whole deal transpire from the day she was missing…to the day they found Caylee…to Casey’s arrest and now…the trial. I think the hardest thing for me to understand is how Casey’s mind works…or anyone with a mental illness. How she sits there torturing her father one minute with absurd accusations after telling him months ago what a wonderful father and grandfather he is…blows me away. Then to accuse her brother…omgawd! Her mother…I so feel for her. She’s lost a grand-daughter, her daughter is nuts and she’s obviously so torn on…as I am sure I would be. I feel every family is dysfunctional in one way or another…that’s life, but Casey has really made this family a mess. Tomorrow (Sunday) are the closing comments. Starts 1pm EST…I am on it! I’ve had HLN on all afternoon and am listening to it now. It kills me to think this little girl had no chance and there could be a chance of this mentally ill woman not paying the price in the same manner. Okay…just my opinion…thx for listening!

  • lifewithtwinsandadramaqueen

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  • Michele

    I had not heard about this—it is atrocious –I won’t say what I think should happen to that woman!! I am a follower but came in to say from Let;s get social!

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