Okay, so here’s what I had for lunch. Sweet potatoes, boiled, not fried.

I’ve been poisoned!

Well, not really. I have food poisoning after last weekend’s wedding reception at a classy Italian restaurant in an upscale neighborhood. My tummy is very susceptible to unhygienic evil food. See why I’m such a food snob?

It’s been 2 days and my tummy still churns like a drum occasionally. Thankfully no throwing up or diarrhea, just the annoying discomfort. I’m trying to stay away from oily food, or any kind of food for that matter simply because I can’t stomach anything much.

Last night, I sleepily gulped down a glass of milk before bed, only to wake up with an even bigger tummy ache this morning. Brilliant, I’m supposed to avoid dairy products! What was I thinking?!

Granted I’ll live. I’m sure 🙄 .

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