Thank goodness for daughters

The wedding reception I attended this weekend was quite different. It was held at a downtown Italian restaurant booked entirely for the occasion.

The restaurant led outdoors to a small area overlooking a lush green golf course. Nice and thankfully there was a tent over our heads, or those 90 degrees would’ve been completely unbearable.

I got there early (as usual) and then spent the next hour sipping my red wine and helping myself to the continuous stream of trays filled with hor d’oeuvres passing right in front of me 😆 while waiting for the tardy folks to arrive.
The thing I love most about weddings is, of course, the chance to get all dressed up. Even more so now that my daughters are old enough to be clucking all over me like little mother hens, making sure my little black dress and fashion accessories are laid out.

Downstairs, my girls had my heels waiting. Would you believe it, I took a few steps out the front door and one of the heels snapped on me?! Perfect timing 😆 !

But hey, if you have daughters like mine, you won’t have a thing to worry about. Raine quickly brought out her lacey heels and went, here wear this, Mom! Those heels are brand new! She is just the sweetest.

Pretty, huh? They were a tad too big for me but I survived the evening without falling over.

And of course, my daughters didn’t stop there. I didn’t know more than a few people at the wedding reception but my girls kept me entertained all night with their witty text messages. I think people must’ve been wondering why I was smiling at myself so much 😆 .

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