Give me wings

No one in the Hip household ever says no to my Cajun roast chicken wings, potatoes and carrots. I even get “advanced bookings” for the leftovers.

It was my grandmother who introduced me to chicken wings because she herself loved them so much. She used to marinate hers with dark soy sauce and fry them, and although I found them a little pesky to eat at first, I soon learnt the art of chomping through the entire 3 sections of the wing just from watching her.

It’s a shame my girls have never met my grandmother who passed on at age 85 but they seem to have inherited her love for chicken wings. Steev doesn’t do chicken wings and his biggest complaint is why don’t they just “invent” a chicken without bones?

Personally I find the wing to be the most intriguing part of the chicken, a challenge to eat at first but the tastiest part once you get the hang of it. I typically break it into 3 sections and start working my way from the drumette to the mid section and finally to the tip.

The tip is the fun part. If it’s crispy, I’ll just pop the entire thing into my mouth and crunch till there’s nothing left but the pulp. The wing is so flavorful it’d be a shame to waste any part of it. Do you do chicken wings? If not, which is your favorite part of the chicken?

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