We’re so uncool!

Raine and Skye both deleted their Facebook accounts last Monday. Of their own accord. I had nothing to do with it. Maybe it’s just as well because I’ve never encouraged any of my kids to be on Facebook in the first place.

I’ve maintained my stand from the beginning about what they should and shouldn’t do online. Mother knows best, as Mother Gothel would say. I’ve drummed into them the security and privacy issues and the dangers of electronic pickpocketing and pedophiles, stalkers and future employers finding out too much, et cetera.

My kids know the drill – no real names, no photos of themselves, no private info. They’ve been very good about it even though I’m sure the peer pressure must be enormous seeing as how people consider it ‘cool’ to shout out every last detail of what they, and the garden grasshopper, do every minute of the day on the internet.

The good thing about my kids is that they don’t care about trying to live up to everyone else’s definition of “cool”. Like I always say to them, just do your own thang, think for yourself and set your own standards. It doesn’t matter how “cool” everyone else is. Just be yourself and you’re cool 😉 .

So then, is it any surprise then that we have no iPads in the house, never tasted a macaron and the only GPS I own is the often unreliable one in my head. That’s exactly how uncool we are!


  • Judy

    Good for both of them…I am no exception to the amount of people now-a-days who spend way too much time online and Facebook is another vice that takes up way too much time. I really like the rules and expectations you have set for your kids and hope to be able to do the same for mine when they are old enough to be doing more online.

  • carol anne

    So why did they decide to delete? My 13 year old has one that frankly, she never uses, but mine, I love.
    I have a ton of family that I would not really even communicate with if it wasn’t for FB and having been an Army Brat, I found lost friends from the 6th grade that I FB daily!
    I have an aunt that deletes, then comes back to FB frequently, so I am just curious as to why people wouldn’t just keep it, even if it’s rarely used.
    Oh, and I am following on GFC and twitter 🙂


  • Sandra Tyler

    Congrats on being so uncool — yes, we have the ipads. Well, my husband does. Ok, ok, I bought him one for his birthday. But that’s the ONLY one in the house. And our kids DON”t have a Wii, don’t have a DS, and get 1 hour of computer time a day. actually, that’s “Screen” time. If they use it that way, no TV. But they’re only 6 and 7 so thank goodness not to the facebook phase; which I resisted myself, but hate to say, now I am hooked. Sad, I know.

    Found you via the SUnday stalker. You can stalk me back! :))

  • Clairity

    @carol anne, sandra
    Nothing wrong with FB, just that kids/teens’ online activities need to be supervised. My idea is to be better safe than sorry. Too many horror stories out there. As for trends, my point is not to have my kids follow blindly, that’s all 😀 .

  • Emily

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  • melissa

    way to stick to your guns mama! and protect your family too it can be tough. im from sunday stalker come check me out 🙂


  • By Word of Mouth Musings

    Hey its hip to be square – right 😉
    My kids have blogs but no facebook … creative writing is good, idle gossip, not so much!
    Here from MakobiScribe!

  • amber

    Hi, new follower from the monday hop. Why did they decide they do not want them? Good for them for doing what they want instead of just following along with all the other kids.

  • chantelle

    you sound like a good mom. i’m a new follower from super stalker sunday hop. would love for you to check out my blog and follow back if you like.