What does a porcupine and mango have in common?

So I’m at this new-to-me grocery store cruising from section to section sans gps golf course maps, mind you, when I spotted several different types of mangoes. I usually hesitate to buy mangoes for fear I’ll end up with sour ones.

But these looked plump and juicy enough with no visible dark spots on the pale yellow skin. So I bought two. I confess I bought them purely for their good looks. I’m shallow like that 😆 .

Instead of peeling them the conventional way, I decided to do the porcupine cut (this name is copyrighted, I made it up 😉 ).

It’s simple. You stand the mango on its long narrow side and cut longitudinally down both sides. Take each piece and use your paring knife to cut criss-cross patterns along the flesh.

Then bend the piece backwards on the skin side so it curves up like a porcupine. Such a fun food art. Makes it really easy to eat right off the skin too.

Yums. These mangoes have a light floral scent and barely there sweetness. Very refreshing. Definitely going to buy more this weekend.

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  • Tori

    Looks yummy!

    Thanks for joining us to Wandering through Wednesday!!

  • Sarah

    I haven’t ever bought a mango, I am going to have to do that!

    I am stopping by from the I ? Blogging hop, thank you for joining our hop! mooseandtater.com

  • BlackBerry Mama

    Hi, I tripped and fell in here while blog hopping (Finding New Friends Blog Hop) and I LOVE mango. We buy it all the time, and even though the name you use for the cut is your own, the little Guatemalan women near my job in the South Bronx cut their mangoes the exact same way to sell for the day! It makes it fun and easy to eat on the go.

    BY THE WAY, I ADORE your site. Look forward to getting to know you via comments here and over @ my blog.