You’re not wearing that?!

As soon as I turn the corner to Raine’s college, the scenery changes from this

… to this, a sea of college girls with backpacks and short shorts, some even shorter and tighter than these!

That’s the modern-day college kid for you. They don’t wear very much. Spaghetti and tank tops that can’t seem to keep stuff from spilling out. Skirts so short and tight you can’t even sit down. Times are bad, we need to save on fabric?!

Once my Dad came to pick me up from the college where I was teaching, and he almost flipped at what he saw. Poor Dad! He was going, is this what kids wear to school these days? Shaking his head, he went on, in my day, this is how hookers dress, are these girls here to get an education or what?

Indeed as a mom and teacher, my stand is this – anything that short and tight has no place in the classroom. Colleges may turn a blind eye but what about the parents? Shouldn’t they have a say in what their teens wear to school?

I would assume that most of us go through a thought process when deciding what’s appropriate and what’s not. Most of it is common sense really. Seems like that’s not apparent to everyone though. Worse yet, it seems kids are starting young too these days, according to this article which I totally agree with, by the way.

What do you think?

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  • chach

    we are your newest fan!

    the third boob….and other adventures in mommyhood

  • Bobbi Noah

    Sad to say, but the girl in the photo actually looks a lot more conservativly dressed than the people I see every day out in public, and all over the t.v. I find that the best way to handle this with my daughters involves a combination of reverse psychology and threats. “Oooh, I just looovvvveee your outfit! Come help me find a shirt like that to wear! And those tiny, almost invisible shorts! I want some exactly like that! All the other moms are going to think I’m the coolest! What is it? Don’t you want your friends to think I have good fashion sense? If you can wear it, I can wear it! I may be your mom, but I’m still hot, right? Right?” Works almost every time…

    • Clairity

      Thanks, a really great tip that moms could try if they’re so inclined. Unfortunately sometimes it’s the moms who bring this kind of thing on their daughters by condoning the little they wear, even from a very young age.

  • Caroline

    I don’t know when I turned the corner, but know I’m horrified by some of the things I see young girls wearing. Shorts are getting shorter and tops are getting smaller. I’m just glad I’m the mother of a boy.
    By the way, I saw on news this morning bikinis with push up tops for 7 year olds. Give me a break.