How to BS your customer till you’re blue in the face

On Wednesday, after picking Raine up at college, we headed to a nearby mall for a quick lunch before dropping her back at college for her next class. We had coupons for free drinks and desserts at our favorite chicken place. But when we got there, the waiter insisted the coupon had expired. Has it really?!

Wednesday was June 1. The coupon says it’s “valid for 1 month from date of issue May 10”. So we still have 10 days before the coupon expires!

The manager came over to point out to me that the coupon had expired on May 10. When I tried to explain, she then turned around and said oh, the date was incorrectly printed! I’m like, what!

When she lost on that one, she tried it from another angle. She said the button on the cash register was gone! Um, he-llo??

Pretty soon, they brought out her manager when it became clear that none of them could out-talk me! Quite honestly, they were just wasting their time, and mine. I’d had it up to here with folks who can’t read, don’t know their jobs and who think they can get away with BS.

So we got up and left. Yes, I know it’s not that big a deal. It’s only drinks and desserts, right? Thing is crappy customer service has become the rule rather than the exception and frankly, I’m getting very tired. Some folks might accept it because they’re gullible, or can’t figure it out, or are trying to avoid confrontation.

Not me. Don’t even get me started!

There was, however, a sweet ending to this whole story. My girls suggested we went back to the franchise restaurant that gave us the coupons in the first place. I’m so glad we did. The crew there happily accepted our coupons with a big smile and we got our Chocolate Crunch Roll. Too sweet! Literally πŸ˜† .

How do you deal with crappy customer service? Do you just let it slide or do you stand your ground?

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  • Mikey R

    Stand my ground. You don’t mess with a pregnant lady and two screaming kids b/c they want their free (fill in the blank). If I am alone w/o screaming kids – you still don’t mess with the pregnant lady. It never ends well, I usually get my way as soon as I mention I have a blog and will utilize every social network to tell every person I know not to go there because of their behavior at not honoring coupons, being rude, etcetera. They usually cave at this point.

  • Dawn aka Slop Swap

    Love your blog! And I would have done the same thing – stood my ground and I have before. Unfortunately, today’s workforce sometimes does not know what ‘good’ customer service is! And in your case because the button was gone, they didn’t know how to give you the coupon. It’s ridiculous!! I went shopping at Walgreens this morning and am so tired of being treated like a criminal there because I use coupons! Believe me, I’ll be writing an email later!

    • Clairity

      I should mention my blog but I wonder if they know what a blog is. Facebook, now they would know that. Blog, I’m not so sure πŸ˜† .

      Like a criminal, huh? Makes you wonder why they even bother with this whole coupon thing in the first place.

  • nicole sherman

    Hi this is Nicole from Colie’s Kitchen I just discovered your blog and wanted to drop by and say hi. I am now a new follower. I would love to have you stop by Colie’s Kitchen if you get a chance.

  • Debbie McCormick

    Oh my word! It was just dessert – why did they make such a big deal about that. I guess “the customers always right” no longer exists.
    I would have walked out too.

  • Shelby

    HOW annoying! I think you were right to stand your ground, I would have to. It’s the principle. They lost out on all the future revenue you would have brought their way by their refusal to honor your coupon. I’m a new GFC & twitter follower here from the blog hop, please swing by my blog/twitter when & if you have a chance! &

  • Patricia

    What I would have said I will not say here. 😈
    I am following you via FNF blog hop. Following on tweeter and facebook. Stop by my blog and follow any way you like.

  • alissabeth

    It’s so annoying when people in the same place are not on the same page! I would have done what you did….glad you ended up with your sweet treat – it looks yummy!

    Following from the Sunday Hop – GFC, FB & Twitter. Have a great week!

  • Charmaine

    Definitely stand my ground esp when you know you are right. Even my hubby was scared when I am upset and argue with the shop assistants or managers. Good on you for sticking to your guns and for walking out. They do not deserve your business.

  • Angela

    Yeah, I have embarrassed my boyfriend on occasion. I will stand my ground, and when ignored I let the manager know there is this thing called the internet now, and some of us know how to use it. We can say nice things about places we get good service from, and we can tell the truth about bad service when it’s received. Some blow me off, others really pay attention.