Edward Cullen wouldn’t touch this

So I made garlic butter and slapped it on some baguette slices. This is really, really good with a bowl of mushroom soup or even a cup of coffee! And what’s even better than garlic bread is garlic breath, heh!

So what’s your favorite thing for a quick appetizer or teatime snack?

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  • amy

    mmmmmm…that sounds REALLY good right about now…especially with a little home cooked mushroom soup – YUM!

  • Stephania

    You had me at butter! Anything that involves butter is DELICIOUS in my mind. And you made my heart melt when you mentioned the garlic bread and mushroom soup. I’m ready to come over for dinner!

  • Katrina

    You had me at Edward Cullen! HUGE fan here. HUGE.

    Anyway, for a snack around here…we do the sliced apples with peanut butter spread on them, sometimes with a couple raisins sprinkled on the top. The reason this is so popular in our home is that EVERYONE likes it. It’s so rare to find something that ALL my kids like!

    I saw your link on the Cup of Joe Thursday Blog Hop ~ I’m already a follower of your blog 🙂