Crazy is a bit of an understatement

And if I thought we were going to slide smoothly into the weekend, there was just no way! It’s been a czary day (how do you spell crazy again? did I get it right?) from sunrise to sunset.

After dropping Skye off at school around 7:oo am, Raine and I headed straight to the gym. I tweeted about hoping the gym wouldn’t be crowded so we could get a really good workout before the weekend. I should’ve known. Everyone else wants to exercise on a Friday so they can pig out guilt-free over the weekend.

Just 30 minutes in, it got claustrophobic. So we left. At any rate, I needed to get my car to the mechanic’s. Something had been leaking since I got my air-conditioning ‘fixed’ last week. Somehow it’s impossible to associate my mechanic with the word ‘fix’. He never fixes anything, he just creates a whole other problem!

We got into the workshop super-early. In fact, we were there when the first of his mechanics started strolling in to work. That’s how early! Long story short, we wasted an entire morning waiting, only to be told at around noontime that my car wasn’t going to be ready and that Mr Mechanic would generously loan me his bone shaker to do my afternoon errands!

That left me an hour to get home and get out of our aromatic gym clothes and have a shower. Raine had a lunch date with her friends from high school and she was already late. So I dropped her off at the mall before picking Skye up from school.

I was starving. There was no time to cook lunch. So Skye and I headed back to the mall (since I was going to have to pick up Raine there later) for a quick lunch and grocery run. Later we met up with Raine at The Face Shop to pick out the nail polish colors she’d been hankering after.

Turned out this was the highlight of our day!

I called Mr Mechanic while the girls were in the store (I knew he certainly wasn’t going to call me!) and apparently my car was ready. Really? Wow! I was so ready to get rid of that old bone shaker. A few more bumpy rides in that thing and I’d have to sign us up to learn how to fix our poor rickety shook-up bones!

We made it to the workshop in one piece before the daily late-afternoon storm hit and man, was it good to climb into my minivan! Enough of sitting in that bone-shaker of a car that’s so low we could practically jam our feet into the floor and start peddling, like the Flintstones!

On the way home, we decided to stop and pick up some KFC. Not a fave of ours but it’s conveniently on the way and we had a $10 coupon to waste. Obviously I’d forgotten how oily the Colonel’s chicken can be. So I ended up having a bowl of oatmeal for dinner. How’s that for a last supper before the Apocalypse hits today? 😯

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