How old is too old?

So there was this poll, and a clip, on the Today show recently about ‘how old is too old‘! Did you see it? Apparently some say when you hit age 35, you shouldn’t be wearing mini skirts, or bikinis after you turn 47, or something like that. But why not? It’s not like these things have wear-by dates on them.

I’ve heard women say they can’t wear red, tight fits, sleeveless tops, or even bermuda shorts and a whole bunch of other styles of clothing supposedly reserved for younger women! So they restrict themselves to what “matured or married women with kids” wear. Dull colors, boring floral prints, loose flappy clothes and flat heels.

I tend to go with, wear whatever makes you look and feel good. Other people will always have something to say. I say let your mirror be your judge. As long as you can pull it off, go for it. That’s what I do.

Having said that, there are a few things I personally would not wear (that, by the way, have nothing to do with age):

Three-quarter capri pants. They look good on some folks but somehow they make me look like I’m neither here nor there. Can’t wear them with heels, can’t wear them with flats.

Thin flats and flip-flops because I hate for my feet to be too close to the ground.

Long sleeves and scarves. I have no patience with those. Neither does this crazy tropical climate.

What do you think? Are there things you will or will not wear for whatever reason other than that you’re past the age (whatever that means)?

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  • Michelle

    I agree with you. Wear what you want. I’m 40 and would still wear a mini-skirt or short dress if I want to. I also don’t agree with the long hair on older women thing, although I just can’t have long hair, b/c it doesn’t work on me. As far as not wearing anything, I would wear almost anything. There are some things that are more flattering though. Of course, I’d rather wear the things that make me look better! Have a great Thursday!

  • Hungrigyrl

    Oh that is such BS! Have you seen Helen Mirren in a bikini? She’s in her 60s and she looks hot. I wear short skirst, but not super minis but only because I don’t have the thinnest thighs in the world. But oddly enough I can pull off a bikini better than a one-piece. Because I’m short, capris make me look a little stumpy. I am over 40 and I have long hair, but I’ve also had it short too and felt to Mom-ish even though it was a really cute hairstyle. I think its all about whatever you look good in, not about age.

  • Michelle Pegram

    I agree, wear what makes you feel good and you look good in! Thanks for linking up at the Thursday’s Friends Cafe. I’m following you on GFC, FB, NB & Twitter now. Have a great weekend!

  • Kathy

    I don’t like sleeveless shirts cause of my newly developed bye-bye arms LOL. With that, I’m 50 and think women should wear what they feel fits for them. Who cares what the “older woman” rules are and who made up those rules anyway??? Long as we feel it fits our style and personality, it should be ok.


    I think god created us with different cutting,size and all. I don’t wear shorts for quite sometime now, the orange peel thingy just gotta be hidden and tucked somewhere!! LOL. also, lately, there are a lot of this korean looking sweetie online shopping stuff on FB, too sweet, I don’t thing I can take that sort of sweetness – will get choked myself! HA! ;P

  • amy t jones



    I’m Amy from Cherie Girl (where EVERYone is fabulous). I’m you newest follower on your blog 😀 I hope you can follow back XOXO

  • mommymommymommy

    I am 46-almost 47-and still wear tank tops and mini skirts because I can. Bikinis, no thank you. Tankinis, yes.

    If you still look good and feel good, then flaunt it! Where is the rule book on this stuff?

  • Parentwin

    I think clothing choices should fit the occasion, regardless of age. If you’re on the beach, wear a bikini! If you’re at a business meeting, perhaps not a mini skirt…

    Here from the hop! Come visit Tales of an Unlikely Mother at when you’ve got a few moments! Thanks!

  • Bev

    At 57 it looks like I might be the oldest one here so far. If something truly looks good on you and your not in denial about your age I say go for it. It’s when you see women wearing the same thing their teenage daughter is wearing – that’s too much. You can be stylish at any age. Know your weaknesses and show off your assets : D

    So many great posts – but I just had to comment about this one. Buzzing back from Buzz By Sunday : D