Where the sun don’t shine

So Raine was working out in earnest, totally focused on what she was doing… when her back kick landed on something. Let me tell you, it can really come as a shock when you’re moving about and some part of you hits something or someone at the gym.

Well, common sense would tell you to pick an open space far away from the next person, and common sense would tell you not to walk blindly into another human being exercising nearby.

In this particular instance, Raine was in a space far enough from the next person that they wouldn’t get into each other’s way. Along came the guy in the yellow t-shirt (we’re guessing he only owns one t-shirt!) who decided he was going to walk right into Raine’s space at the very moment she was doing a back kick…

… which landed hard, very hard on, how shall I say this, a place, or rather, the place where the sun don’t shine! 😳


That must’ve hurt! Bad!

She turned around and apologized. He, on the other hand, was trying to put on a brave front, a weak smile even. Somehow he didn’t strike me as someone who was having a ball?!!

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