Turning old magazines into a fashion accessory

So Raine had a process analysis presentation to do for her English class. Most of the other groups in her class were demonstrating recipes but Raine chose to demonstrate a craft because well, we love doing creative projects… and paper bead-making was something they learnt from my great aunt when they were little.

This is a really fun craft you can do with your kids – keeps them occupied for hours, you don’t have to spend a cent and it’s such a great way to recycle those old magazines you have lying around the house.

First tear out a colorful page from an old magazine and measure out long strips like these. Make the wider end about 1″ wide and taper the strip to a sharp point at the other end.

You will also need a wooden skewer. Place the wider end of your paper strip against the skewer and start rolling.

When you reach the last couple of inches of the paper strip, apply a bit of glue and continue rolling till the end sticks on tightly. Leave to dry before removing from your skewer.

Now to string the colorful beads together into whatever fashion accessory you fancy – bracelets, belts, earrings. Raine strung her into a long necklace alternating them with some loose red beads left over from one of our other projects.

Are you into crafts? What are some fun craft projects you’ve done? I’d love to try new ones and I’ll be sharing some more of what I’ve done later.

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