What’s up with your cheeks, sweetie?

The girls and I stopped by the candy store at the mall. Okay, this is rare, very rare! But there is a good reason for that. We’d had another one of those bad lunches which seem to have become the norm rather than the exception for us these days. Drat! Anyone have any idea how we can break this pattern?

Anyhoo, the quickest way to sweeten the deal was to dart into the nearby candy store where they have like a gazillion types of candies with samples that you can pinch and pop right into your mouth.

Skye’s favorite soft chewy candy.

Gummy bears which my kids have loved since they were little.

Sugar-coated rubber bands that look like they could wrap themselves around your waistline and never leave.

Let’s just say there was enough food coloring and sugar in there to send half the kiddy population to Hyper City for a month! I popped a candied ginger, Raine didn’t touch a single thing and Skye – well, I looked at her face as we were leaving the store and she had these puffed-up cheeks.

Me: OMG, you didn’t!!

She nodded sheepishly, lightly tapping her cheeks crammed full of the soft chewy candy she loves so-oo much but which she knows I will not buy.

My kids grew up deprived of sweets, candies and chocolates. I almost never had any in my fridge. Practically the only way they could get their hands on this stuff was when we visited friends and relatives who all seem to think I’m a bad parent for denying my kids the sweeter things in life. Baffling!

Back to my story…

Me (in a moment of weakness): You want me to get you some?

She shook her head.

Me: You sure?

She shook her head again.

Me: Why not? Come on, it’s okay, just this one time.

Skye: It’s very fattening.

What can I say? She sure knows what she’s talking about 😛 !

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  • mommymommymommy

    Great story! I laughed out loud. My kids are not allowed to eat foods with chemicals and dyes in them. I am grateful that my Mr. Bulky’s in the mall closed a while ago. It was torutre every time we went!

  • dj Goddessa

    LOL! thanks for the entertainment while i’m visiting all the Alexa hop blogs. New follower, too, and keep the great stories coming! 🙂


  • Sadie

    I’m super jealous that your candy store lets you sample! Not fair!

    Found you from the alexa hop!

    Sadie from randomosityblog.com

  • 1 Funky Woman

    Samples wow! Ok I love me a chocolate covered gummy bear. Weird I know but oh so good!

    I don’t dare eat any sweets these days. Just joined Weight Watchers because I am hitting the big 40 this summer and enough is enough. Lost 17 so far!

    Love the mental picture of the chubby cheeks!

    Following from the blog hop!


  • Shana

    That is too funny! I didn’t have too many sweets when I was growing up. I never had soda and I’m somewhat normal! Following you from Thursday’s Cup of Joe Blog Hop! Would love a follow back: blog.writerslairbooks.com. Also, I am looking for teens/tweens to post advice on bullying on my facebook page because I think it will help younger children. There is more about it on my latest blog post. Comments close at 6pm tonight, May 12th! If you know a teen that doesn’t have a facebook profile then can post under an adults.

  • Kelly Lininger

    I’m your newest follower from today’s hop – both my girls are candy addicted so glad they are also very busy… would kill to have their small little waists!

  • MommyDigger.com

    Cute story!

    I’m a new follower from the Nice to Tweet you Blog Hop, I’m now a blog and twitter follower of yours 🙂 Please stop by my twitter @MommyDigger and blog MommyDigger.com and say hello!

  • Annie (Lady M) x

    Hiya, I found your blog through ‘Relax ans Surf Sunday’ over at Rylie and Bryce’s blog.

    I must admit that I loved your story about your daughter stuffing her face with sweets – priceless! But bless her, at least she knows it isn’t good for her 😉

    I am now a follower of you, and it would be cool if you could swing by my blog too…. see you there Dahlink!


  • Clairity

    @1 Funky Woman
    Grats on losing that weight, very impressive 😀 .

    My kids are technically not on FB, I don’t encourage it but I’ll get them to stop by your blog.

  • Carla

    funny! My aunt always says that my little one is gonna gorge her heart out once she is older (because I never let her have junk food either!)….guess my aunt knows what she is talking about, huh? 😉

  • Bernadette

    Oh, how I love candy samples! Sour candy is my fave! I would have filled up too – can’t blame her at all!

    Bernadette – new follower