No guilt, no gain

So we missed gym for an entire week due to my car being in the shop for a day. Talk about an ingenious excuse! Well, we were going to go, honest, but you know how busy it gets around and before you know it, the morning’s gone and it’s time for lunch.

Important thing is we made it this morning, bright and early. You wouldn’t believe it, we’d been counting down the hours! You know, these days, we wake up in the morning and it’s 82 degrees out with a killer humidity to boot which, if you ask me, is one heck of an incentive to get our butts to the gym ASAP.

Here I am, in my corner of the gym, right under my beloved air-conditioning and fan going full blast. Another morning in paradise!

Darned good workout that was. Worked off all that Mother’s Day pigging out. No guilt, no gain. Have you worked off yours yet 😀 ?

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One Comment

  • Caroline

    Good for you. I can’t seem to get my butt there even with a working car. Do a few extra sit ups for me please.