Wash of the ages

You know what? I can’t believe I actually washed my minivan. For the first time in ages. First off, can you see me jumping up and down trying to reach all the way across the roof of my minivan trying to clean it? I’ve even tried standing on a low stool. It wasn’t pretty!

Then too, I’m not one of those lucky women who can expect to wake up every Monday morning to a freshly cleaned car. Thirdly, between the torrential rains and the scorching sun, I found it pointless to even bother .

But today after picking up my minivan from the mechanic’s (read what happened when I tried to find a new mechanic), I felt a sudden inclination to give my baby the bath she so badly needs.

Well, actually I sat in the car and snapped this picture while the car wash guys were hosing my baby down and giving her a good scrub. It was hard work but I didn’t have to lift a finger. Not even when it came time to vacuum and wipe the interior! What a grand life! πŸ˜†

When I got home, I gave the seats a once-over with my beloved scented antiseptic spray and my baby was smelling like roses. Skye said it all when she stepped in from school and went “OMG, Mom, you washed the car!” True, that doesn’t happen very often but now that I know how completely effortless it is, I think I’m going to do it more often πŸ˜† .

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  • Char

    You’ve inspired me to wash our car, oh bother (lol)!
    I’m now following you!
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    The Epic Adventures of a Modern Mom

  • It's About Time Mamaw

    Funny! My husband used my car the other day and he stopped and washed the car. I asked did he clean the inside too. Nope, But I am just glad he washed it. So I cleaned the inside.
    I am following you via TGIF blog hop. Please follow me.


  • Sandy

    Oh, I laughed out loud at that – I’m the family joke about not washing my cars…so I’m right there with you! My kids wouldn’t recognize my car at all if I washed it…

    Found you from the blog hop.

  • Carolyn Henderson

    My husband, the Norwegian Artist, sometimes gets inspired to wash the car:
    As I’m driving out, he blocks the way, garden hose with non-existent water pressure in hand. The cats produce more spray.
    But he keeps at it, and as I drive off (he gets out of the way), I do so with the shine of a newly showered car.

  • Frugal in WV

    I havent washed my car in forever and with all the salt on the roads this summer, it’s a mess! Following you from the TGIF blog hop. You can find me at

  • Clairity

    @Frugal, Sandy
    Welcome to the club, so glad I’m in good company πŸ˜† .

    That’s one creative way to get a car wash.

    @About Time
    Well, at least he washed the outside πŸ˜€ .

    Yay, go for it!