Never a dull moment

Let’s put it this way, life in a houseful of teens is never boring! Just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all, there’s something else to set your eyeballs rolling.

Raine’s class is at 2:00pm. After lunch at noon time, we still have an hour to spare before we have to make the trip across town to her college. She was happily doing some online shopping when she suddenly jumped up and went “OMG, I forgot I have a Math test today!”

It’s 12:30pm. We have to leave the house at 1:00pm and she digs out her books and starts reading. That’s my Raine. She does that all the time – forget that she’s got a paper to write or an exam she’s supposed to study for until the very last minute and somehow still manages to wing it every time!

One weekend, we’re at the grocery store. The nice thing about groceries on the weekend is that we can stroll down the aisle and have 101 food and drink samples offered to us by promoters eager to make a sale.

My girls love chicken nuggets but we’re cutting down on processed food so I don’t buy them much any more. Skye obviously misses her nuggets very much. So there’s my little prankster, leading the way down the aisle calling out, “Are there any free nuggets? Are there any free nuggets?” and suddenly someone answers, “Yes, over here!!” And Skye was like OMG, my prayers have been answered!

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  • Vanessa

    I hear ya! I have a teenage boy in the house and I am constantly kept on my toes! He also waits until the last moment to do anything. Drives me nuts! Then he gets upset when I tell him that he needs to go back and do it right since he scrambled so fast the first time and missed things. I keep telling myself he will be a comfort in my old age lol!

  • E. Lane

    Following you from the Thursday Cup of Joe hop.
    I do homemade chicken nuggets from chicken breast slices. They’re really easy and throwing them in the oven is healthier than frying them.

  • Kimberlee

    That is too funny.. about the chicken nuggets and the math test.

  • Renee

    Kids do keep us on our toes, that’s for sure. I am following you through the hop. Please return the follow at

  • Layne

    Your family sounds like a hoot, and your daughter sounds a lot like me…I’m pregnant, and free food samples- well it may as well be Christmas for me! I’m following from the Friday Blog Hop! Can’t wait to hear more of your stories! – stop by and visit!

  • Clairity

    Yup, better enjoy them while they still make us laugh.

    @E Lane
    Homemade chicken nuggets sound like a great idea. Wish I knew how to make them as good as the storebought ones.

    Thanks for the tip. Not sure I’ve seen Applegates but I’ll definitely keep an eye out for them.

    So we’ve got one of each – the last minute teens, that is 😆 .