What would you have done?

The air-conditioning in my minivan isn’t working and if it’s one thing that really stresses me out is where to get my car problems fixed. I’ve got a regular mechanic but since the old man stepped back and allowed his son to run the business, it hasn’t been the most honest business in town.

I only continue to go back there because the old man has been my dad’s friend since they were young men, and we’ve traditionally been patronizing his shop for all our car repairs. The old man was a pretty good mechanic. His son is not.

His son fixes problems by trial and error. When he’s clueless about what’s wrong with the car, he will get his men to start swapping parts. Sometimes even after swapping several parts, the problem is still not solved. And with each part he swaps, he continues to make us pay through our noses till he gets it right!! See the problem here?

So I decided maybe it’s time to find another mechanic. I called my dad, the go-to person for car repair advice, and asked if he knew of anyone else who could do the job. The cell phone reception in my area is pretty bad. So to cut the conversation short, I agreed to meet him at the workshop he suggested.

I arrived ahead of him and started briefing Mr AirCon about my problem, even as Mr AirCon’s friend strolled up to join us. When Mr AirCon stepped away to retrieve his tools, his friend (whoever he is!) started telling me how expensive repairs are, yadda yadda. I listened and merely nodded.

Then when Mr AirCon came back over, his friend started criticizing my car and I mean, totally running it down. Completely from out of the blue.

It’s not a good car!! (Yeah, so? My minivan is 10 years old and it’s still serving me well except for the occasional aging problem!)

The parts are expensive! (Yeah, so? Like I’m asking you to pay for them!)

He even went on to say that when he wanted to buy one, thank goodness his friend talked him out of it!!! And he just went on and on!

Er, he-llo? Who are you again and who asked you?

It takes all sorts to make the world go round. I don’t even know this guy, never seen him in my life! I could’ve told him off and I probably would’ve if my dad hadn’t been there. But I didn’t! Seeing as Mr AirCon is an old friend of my dad’s and this guy looks to be a friend of Mr AirCon’s, I thought it only polite to ignore him and let someone else teach him a lesson.

What would you have done?

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