The great escape

On a regular day, Tyson, our not-so-baby-anymore beagle, is so adorable you just want to pinch his non-existent cheeks. Our little sleepyhead still snoozes like a baby, either curled up into a ball or stretched out like a leg of ham.

Some days, he figures he’s a guard dog. Once when a chow-chow passed by, he ran straight out to confront him! Said chow-chow was at least twice his size but Tyson is fearless. He ran after chow-chow and told him in no uncertain terms to “get out the heck out of his territory or else”! Chow-chow bumbled away without a word.

One night, Tyson figured he’d have himself a little adventure while we were downtown for dinner. This naughty little beagle found a small hole that he could squeeze through and bolted out into the neighborhood. We were away for 2 hours and that’s how long he was wandering the unfamiliar streets all by his lonesome with no way of getting back into the garden.

When we turned the corner to our home, our headlights fell on a small four-legged figure standing astride in the middle of the street, trying to look brave, the silly baby. We could see how relieved he was to see us and to be let back into the safety of his little garden!

The next morning, we woke up and Tyson was gone. Again!! At 7:30 on a Sunday morning?!! By the time the girls got dressed, he’d completed his rounds of the neighborhood and was waiting outside the door for us! Hmmph, this behavior is definitely not on!

But just look at this innocent face. How can we be mad at him for long?

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