Japanese at home

When vegetarian day rolls around once every fortnight, finding something interesting to graze on can be quite the challenge. Picky eaters get bored easily and you can’t serve up the same old, same old and hope to get away with it. That’s how it is with my girls anyways 😆 .

Since tempura happens to be a hot favorite when we eat out, I figured why not make it at home? And some of that miso soup too. I figure if I can strike a winner, I could be laughing for the next few months of veggie days 😆 .

So here’s my tube of wasabi (green mustard) and bottle of soy sauce, supposedly meant for sushi but who cares? And instant miso soup packets in 3 flavors – tofu, seaweed and green onion.

For the miso soup, I only added hot water and all those dried ingredients in the sachet instantly came to life! So easy and the best part, it’s sodium-reduced too! My biggest complaint about eating out is that by the time you get home, you feel like your tongue got pickled sitting in a jar of the Pacific Ocean!

The tempura batter is easily whipped up in a large bowl with 1 cup flour, half cup cornflour, pinch of salt and pepper and icy cold water. I’m not in the habit of measuring ingredients so those numbers are just meant to give you an idea of the ratio.

Mix everything together to a consistency that’s thick enough to coat the veggies. Plop the pieces into a wok or pot of boiling oil and deep fry till golden brown. I used only sweet potatoes and broccoli. Oishii desu ne! The broccoli is so, so good!

For the wasabi dip, just squeeze some wasabi into a small dish, add a drizzle of soy sauce and stir together into a fiery dip that’s known to send a powerful sting right up your nose. Sometimes it triggers a series of sneezes that will put poor Sneezy to shame, not kidding! Then again, tempura wouldn’t be the same without the zing!

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  • Thrifty Military Mommy

    Yum yum! I love japanese miso soup!!! I’m a new follower from the tuesday blog trail. Hope you’ll come check me out too:

  • Posh

    Hi there!
    Stopping by from the Tuesday Hops to say hello!

  • Hungrigyrl

    I am SO impressed! We love Japanese food at our house…every time we go out we are blowing $$. It would be nice if I learned to make some of it at home.

  • marilyn

    Yummy – love this… Officially stopping by and following you from Wed blog hop. I’m Marilyn from Get Wired Wed. Hope you can stop by sometime.. Absolutely loving your blog & anticipating indulging in more posts. :))

  • Shereen

    I never realized that tempura was so easy. I like it with sweet and sour sauce (yes, I’m weird, but I am not a fan of mustard either). I will have to give this a shot at home now. If your family likes spinach, you should try this recipe for sauteed spinach and mushrooms. It’s really delicious and easy. I used frozen spinach. My mom hates mushrooms and isn’t all that thrilled by spinach, but she loved it! bit.ly/eivM0z

    Oh, and I’m coming to you via Twitter follow from shereentravelscheap.com