The flip side of being 16 again

Looks like it’s makeover season again, judging by the huge congregations at the mall’s center courts. Looks like every woman wants a piece of the action too. But not me!

The closest I’ve ever gotten to a makeover was when the friend of a friend of a friend towed a bunch of us through her home to show us photographs of herself after her beauty makeovers.

Clearly the woman is a makeover addict. She has so many photos on display upstairs and downstairs, in every room practically. I’m not sure if Photoshop had a hand in it but she looked all of age 16 in those photos. In real life, she must be about 60. Which is pretty darned amazing.

For a split second, she had me convinced that maybe, just maybe I should give 16 a shot. On second thought, I’m not sure I want to be reminded of the skinny, scrawny kid that I was back then.

That’s not the thing about beauty makeovers that scares me though. It’s the makeup itself! Imagine how many complete strangers have used those very brushes and puffs, lipsticks and liners, creams and powders!! Call me OCD but sharing makeup is not for me, even if it promises to make me 16 again 😉 .

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