Playing catch up

Looking at me, you’ll never guess I’m a couch potato. Well, most times, I’m not. I just depends where I’m at. But believe me, there is a couch potato, albeit a little one, inside.

Our TV is undoubtedly the laziest on this side of the planet. It just sits there and does nothing. We gave up on it a long, long time ago simply because there’s nothing to watch, or rather nothing that appeals to us. When my kids were little, they watched some Saturday morning cartoons. But once they outgrew the cartoons, they too gave up on TV.

But when we’re in Hiptown, California, we’re couch potatoes. Totally! So many good shows, so little time!

Right now, we’re hooked on Chuck. Sometimes you just want to watch something light, nothing that requires your brains or heart to work too hard after a hectic week. The plots are simple yet each one is exciting in its own way, and so funny too I’m sure our neighbors can hear us laughing.

I really like Chuck and Sarah as a couple but Ellie and Captain Awesome, now that’s an awesome couple. Really cute!

Anyone else a fan of Chuck‘s?

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  • LaVonne

    We actually don’t have cable tv in our home and we can’t catch any stations! We do have Netflix though and that streams through our television via wireless internet. My mother and sister love Chuck though. When I am over there some times I do watch it with them. It is fun 😉 I love TLC shows though. When I can, I watch those type of shows.

    I am visiting from Comment Love Weekend Hop. I hope you have a blessed weekend!

  • Clayton Thomas

    No, I have directv and hardly watch tv at all. My wife watches Desperate Housewives, Biggest Lose, and American Idol but I don’t watch very much. The problem is I get sucked in not for one show but a full season! Anyway, Chuck sounds like a good show so maybe I’ll get HER to watch that. (ha ha)

    Take care,


  • Rosann

    We are HUGE fans of Chuck. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look too promising that they’ll make it another season. I keep praying though! Love that show! 🙂