Our Fridays

Technically Fridays should be like any other day of the week. Except it isn’t. There’s a certain excitement about Fridays. Have you noticed that? For me, it’s like such a relief, a weight off my shoulders, knowing that the weekend is near.

My weekend starts after I pick Skye up from school at 12:30p and we head straight to Raine’s college to pick her up. And that’s a wrap. We’re done for the week and ready to celebrate the weekend.

Friday lunch is usually leftovers. Just to keep it simple. No point cooking up a storm, right? On Friday nights, the girls look forward to eating out. So we usually end up at a restaurant of their choice. This is what we had last week.

And the rest of our Friday nights are spent watching movies till our eyelids droop!

What’s Friday like in your household?

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  • ThaiHoa

    same as monday – thursday..just kidding. try to put the baby down and hubby and i watch a movie together and stay up later then usual. then we pay for it the next day because well, we aren’t 20 anymore!

  • Kassandra

    This is Kassandra from coffeeandtheirkisses.blogspot.com . We follow each other on Twitter [coffeenkisses] and I’m now following your blog via GFC. I would love to see you at my little blog home if you get a chance.

  • Ellie

    Following you back from Mommy Masters. Can you check out my blog and follow at mommymasters.blogspot.com? Thanks! Cool blog!