What’s 3 more, right?

Sometimes you set out innocently on a weekend never intending to shop or buy anything and you end up coming home with something you got ‘pushed’ into buying (literally!). That ever happen to you?

Well, after brunch on Saturday, the girls and I found ourselves sitting on a mall bench with an ice-cream in hand to watch the world stroll by. Midway through, a family and their kids plonked themselves right beside me.

I had my back turned to them as I was chatting with my girls. Then suddenly I felt something against my back. I turned around and OMG, there was their son, a boy of about 7 or 8, casually rubbing his shoulder up and down the length of my back like it’s something he does all the time 😳 .

You know, I wish parents would just control their kids sometimes! I was on my feet before you could say ‘yeow’!! We left them to enjoy the bench while we started aimlessly towards the kiosks nearby.

As so often happens, it’s never a good idea to think we can just browse without buying. Definitely not when it comes to nail polish. Raine and I adore nail colors. We couldn’t resist. WE already have a whole collection, but heck, you can never have too many colors, right? *shrug*

So what do you say? Pretty, huh? Blue, green and purple are my favorite nail colors. No prizes for guessing who chose the bright blue one 😉 .

Good thing nail polish is quite inexpensive. So yeah, whatever makes us happy, right?

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  • Shari Lott

    thinks makes me realize how badly i need a manicure!
    xo, shari
    BTW, just found you on the blog hop! i’m your newest follower ;)) shari

  • Gillian Mulligan

    I look forward to possibly having a daughter someday. I know I would enjoy, life yourself, buying such things as fingernail polish.

    Newly following through the Relax & Surf Hop! I look forward to reading more…


  • Dana

    Hey ,
    I am new to the mommy blogs and love hops. I’m your newest follower.
    I have started a children’s book blog and would love to have you visit and follow.
    I’m having a giveaway at The Nutter Sisters, plz sign up bit.ly/hoVihS
    Have a great week.
    Little Book Monster