Beauty or brains – choose one

Of course, if you’re born with both, then you’re indeed blessed! But we all know, life isn’t always fair. But let’s make this a little harder and say you can only have one, not both. So which one?

Me? I’d go with the brains. If you have the brains, you’ll be able to figure out how to make yourself beautiful. Heck, you could even invent something to transform yourself into an instant beauty, like say, a piece of computer code that you can print out and swallow that’ll make you prettier with each ‘upgrade’. How’s that?

Good looks are great and all but how’s that going to help you get those brains? 😆 Okay, I know, you’re going to say, wait for someone with brains to invent a piece of computer code that can make you smarter with each ‘upgrade’.

I’m going nuts here and falling off my chair laughing. Come join in the fun. Pick one – beauty or brains? Brawn or brains, if you’re a guy (not sure if there are any reading this blog).

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  • ThaiHoa

    I would definitely agree with brains, and I agree with your point on brains! Luckily I have both….LOL…I am so just kidding. 🙁

  • EJsmom

    I would go for brains because these days we can change all sorts of stuff physically but we can’t have IQ SURGERY right? hihi… so there you go, BRAINS!

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  • Cindi @ Rustique Art

    I pick brains…knowledge and wisdom will continue to grow as you age with continuous feeding and it cost nothing but your time. Beauty on the other hand is fleeting and it is relative some would say, a person’s heart and soul make up their inner beauty which is reflected in their outward appearance. As I get older, I care less about how I look on the outside as compared to how I reflect from the inside. 🙂

    This is just too deep for Saturday morning…LOL!

  • Aimee

    Stopping by from Twitter and followed you here as well. I without a doubt would chose brains. Everybody holds some type of beauty! Right?


    I would definitely pick brains. You can always find a good plastic surgeon for the beauty! You are very funny.
    New follower just hopping around on Sunday morning.
    Hope you come visit me at
    and have a few laughs.