Guess who we met

Like they say, you never know who you might run into… in a theme park, for instance.

We were strolling around Universal Studios, Hollywood when who should drop in on us (literally!)… but Zorro himself!! One minute he was right up there by the bell tower, the next he was sliding down that rope and landed right before us in a deep sweeping bow! Wow, what a gentleman!

And then on our first day at Disneyland, we’d just gotten a table at a super-crowded outdoor restaurant when we saw a flurry of little kids all headed in one direction. What’s going on? we were wondering. Then we saw Darth Vader with a handful of his Storm Troopers (is that what they’re called? any Star Wars fans out there?)

We also bumped into Snow White’s evil stepmother who, by the way, was very mean and went around shouting at people who were in her way 😆 . Dang, I can’t seem to find the picture I took of her!

My girls were thrilled to have their pictures taken with Princess Aurora, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Jasmine and Rapunzel with Flynn Ryder, of course. They have a big, big crush on him because in person, he really is pretty cute and yes, Skye is smitten that he did the ‘smolder’ for her when she asked!

Anyways I love that theme parks aren’t just about uber cute soft toys that are so hard to resist and expensive food, and that there are indeed surprises for kids to look forward to in the form of real life characters popping up when you least expect, or even walking beside you in the crowd!

Who did you/your kids meet on your last theme park visit? Anyone interesting that we might know?

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  • Trisha

    I love that too 🙂 When we went to Disney World my girls were in awe of the charactors that would show up & wave. I love that they believed they were “real” and they all lived there 🙂

  • Tori

    Thanks for joining us at wandering through Wednesdays!! Happy Hopping!!

  • Children's Outdoor Toys

    Amazing pictures.The kids truly love it and I totally agree with you Trisha, the kids so very much believe that the characters are real. It’s just great to see their happy faces whenever they visit the disneyland.

  • ThaiHos

    I can’t wait for my daughter to be big enough for these adventures. I myself would love to meet all the Disney Princesses. It is great that your children got a chance to do this with you. My mom was a hard working single mom and we couldn’t afford these types of vacations but I still have wonderful childhood memories.