A new chapter in the Hip Book of Historical Events

So we start a new chapter in the Hip Book of Historical Events. Raine, my 17-year-old princess, is officially a college freshman today.

Her Royal Highness doesn’t have a driver’s license yet so she will be riding the Royal Coach to college each morning chauffeured by the Queen herself (that would be me, ahem!).

Lucky me, college is clear across town smack in the middle of the rush-est of rush hour traffic insanity πŸ™„ !

I’m not complaining though I can’t say sitting in traffic can be considered a favorite pastime of mine. That said, any commute with my teens is a priceless opportunity for bonding, still lovin’ it after all these years.

And here is my interview with Raine when I picked her up from her first day at college today. Her answers, in her own very words:

Me: So what do you think of college?

Raine: I think I’ll be homesick every day that I’m in college.

Me: Did you meet anyone you know?

Raine: I don’t think they recognize me which is good because I like being under the radar.

Me: What was the  most exciting thing that happened today?

Raine: The fact that I looked at my Chuck and Taylor Converse sneakers and realized that they were the nicest pair of sneakers in the room.

Me: I bet you’re pretty excited about college then, huh?

Raine: πŸ™ Maybe it’s too early to tell but…

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