A complete waste of a Saturday

It’s a lazy, hazy Sunday in these ‘ere parts. The sun is trying to break through thick clumps of clouds looming in the sky above my house. I took this picture from my front yard. Strange how the clouds are all white save for the bottoms which are gray.

We’ve all been under the weather yesterday – headaches, body aches, sneezing, runny noses, watery eyes and alternating between hot and cold (just like the weather). We went through boxes of tissue paper like we’re trying to win a prize! What a complete waste of a Saturday, duh!

Good thing it was only the 24-hour flu! It’s gone today and we’re good as new. No visit to the bla-bla doctor. No, no, no, none of those antibiotics. We just do the usual – pop a Vitamin C the minute the sniffles start, drink lots of water, take a nap, wake up, pop another Vitamin C and watch a good movie. It always helps 😀 .

What do you do when you or your kids get the sniffles?

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  • Trisha

    Some kind of bug hit us here too. Just one of us so far & I hope its just a 24 hr thing as well 🙂 Movies & popsicles usually do the trick here!

  • Andrew

    Sorry to hear everyone’s fighting through some sniffles. But don’t think of it as a complete waste of a Saturday. You’re all low-energy, sick. You need to rest. So it’s a recharging day is all. 🙂

    When the kids get the sniffles we start giving them Allegra (it’s usually allergy based), put a warm vaporizer in their room at night and “try” to get them to take it easy during the day. That last part is nigh-impossible. So we at least try to get them in bed early.

  • Amber

    I am a new follower from Spotlight Saturday blog hop. Very cute blog! Would love if you followed back 🙂

  • MOMmetime

    We’ve got it too! I’m hoping its a 24 hour bug…I just checked my twitter messages ~I don’t always think about checking there~ sorry for the late response. I’m looking forward to checking out the rest of your blog.