The 3 P’s

My kids are quite a deprived lot… when it comes to zoos. I think we can count on one hand the number of times my 3 kids have been to the zoo in total.

Steev was 1 year old when we first visited our zoo on the invitation of our friends whose daughter is the same age as Steev. I’m not particularly fond of zoos, even less so the ones that are poorly maintained. But I feel they’re a necessary educational experience for the kids and we found other zoos to visit.

Steev was just learning to walk when we visited the Sydney Zoo in Australia. A few years later, we took Steev and Raine to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. The girls were around age 10 when they visited the Singapore Zoo with their cousins. And that’s pretty much it! The only times my kids have ever been to the zoo 😳 .

This New Year’s, we were at the San Diego Zoo on a cold but sunny January day. Yeah, I know, my kids are teens now but there are still certain animals they really enjoy seeing.

Penguins! That big guy on the left is so fat and round he practically rolls around all day 😆 . Don’t they look like they’re wearing a nurse uniform?

Polar bears. So chubby and cute they almost look like stuffed toys from afar.

Giant panda. I don’t think we’ve seen too many of these but they were a crowd favorite at the San Diego Zoo. Everyone was waiting for this guy to get up and walk around but he just sat glued to the tree enjoying his bamboo stem.

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  • anisha

    Yea, I must say we to have slacked on going to the zoo!! It’s probably been about 3 years!!! Eekkkkk, being a family of 6 it gets too pricey, it’s way easier to visit animals online LOL!!!!! But we are planning a visit to San Diego zoo very soon!! 🙂
    BTW I’m following you now from Thursdays Cafe!!

  • heidi

    My older two have been to 1 zoo – in Boise. This summer we’re heading to Colorado and we’re gonna hit the Denver Zoo. THAT should be an experience to remember!!!

  • ThaiHoa

    Great pics. I actually love the zoo but too lazy to drive that far. I have selected you for the Stylish Blogger Award!

  • Posh

    They are cute!

    Stopping by via the Thursday Hop to say hi and to follow.
    Have a great day!

  • Caroline

    You’ve reminded me that we need to visit our local zoo this year. I’ve never been a big fan of zoos or the circus. I little smelly, but don’t want to deprive my son. I guess I’ll just hold my breath and smile.


  • marilyn

    Texter.. lol.. Hate talking on the phone.. heehee.. Following you from blog hop.. I’m Marilyn from, hope you can stop by sometime.. TY