The air that we breathe

So Raine and I are back to the gym after a week’s slack. Shame on us! Blame it on Sam and Dean, and the incessant rain.

Well, we may’ve been away for a whole week but it’s still the same old, same old over there. Like it being 85 degrees outside, rain or shine. Like some people showing up in long sleeves, long pants and wrapping themselves up in bath towels to work out for 2 hours in a gym with no windows.

The minute we get in, we switch everything on – the fans, the air-conditioning. It’s a thankless task, let me you. I’ve lost count of how many glares we’ve gotten for doing everyone a favor and ensuring they can breathe!

They claim to be shivering cold or that they want to sweat it out. Either way, they don’t want any air circulating in that gym. And anyone who dares touch that switch gets the evil eye!

So far, no one’s confronted me – yet – though I daresay I often hear them cussing me behind my back.

Anyhoo, this is how I look at it.

When you work out, you tend to require more oxygen than usual to fuel those strenuous activities. So you need air!

Without any fresh air, we’ve got a closed up area rapidly filling up with carbon dioxide replacing any last bit of oxygen. So you need air!

The windows are only open a teeny tiny crack which isn’t enough for a roomful of oxygen-deprived lungs. So you need air!

Your body produces heat when you exercise and you need to cool it down so you won’t faint. So you need air!

No brainer, right?

Not to these ladies. I assure you they can’t wait to see our backs, and the moment we’re out the door, they jump up and turn everything off again! At the rate they’re going, they might as well stay home and work out on their Wii.

As for me, I’ve got to have air when I exercise or I will feel nauseated and then I get a freakin’ migraine that ruins my entire day!


  • ThaiHoa

    Maybe they just don’t know what they are doing and LOL doesn’t want anyone seeing that so they suck the air right out of ya! I love a gym with windows,lighting, nice floors, clean, and cool air.

  • Muriel

    Hi there! I found your blog on the Wednesday’s blog hop. I love your style -and you excuse for leaving the gym. Am a new follower and can be found at

  • Bev

    I know what you mean, I have to have air going as well. I’m fine for the first 20 mins or so on the threadmill but after that I want a fan on. Being menopausal it seems that I’m always taking some article of clothing off LOL
    The more air the better : D

    Found your blog from MidWeekMingle now GFC/Twitter follower – hope you have a chance to stopy by my blog sometime – well I’m hopping off to visit more blogs. Have a great weekend.