Through the grapevine

The night before we left for Disneyland, we were having dinner at our friends’ place and someone mentioned it might snow on the Grapevine. It had been cold and rainy, yes but snow?

My 3 teens were somewhat thrilled but I was a little concerned, least of all that I’d opted for the cheapest auto insurance. More so that I’ve never driven in snow before and I wondered if we might need chains. But our friends assured us we’d be okay and to just be careful.

So off we drove into the grayness the next morning, all packed and ready for our Disneyland adventure. This is the turn-off to the Grapevine from Highway 99. Hauntingly beautiful!

Once we got on the Grapevine itself, the hills rose up around us. With each turn came more hills and valleys. It was beautiful in an eerie sort of way but beautiful nonetheless, so different from any highway views I’ve ever experienced in my travels.

The view of this lake was breathtakingly surreal. I slowed down to have a better look. We almost expected the Loch Ness monster to raise its legendary head from the murky mist.

I think I’ve used the word “beautiful” about 5 times in this post. There was certainly no sleeping through views like these. Everyone was wide awake and snapping pictures left and right.

So there, we made it through the Grapevine, for miles through the incessant rain, murky mist and gusty winds. But heck, no snow (whew!).

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