A prayer for victims and rescuers in Japan

I spent all of yesterday glued to my PC watching the events unfold around the deadly mega earthquake and tsunami in Japan. It’s hard to believe that a little over 6 months ago, I was in Tokyo’s Narita Airport waiting for my flight to San Francisco, and now this! How do you even begin to make sense of something this big and this devastating?

When the alerts started coming in for Hawaii and the west coast of the US to be on the lookout for the tsunami heading for them across the Pacific at 600mph, I got really worried. My son Steev, as you all know, is in university in Cali and although he isn’t living right by the coast, I was still alarmed.

Quite frankly, which mom isn’t a worrywart when it comes to her kids? Steev’s my eldest and he’s never been this far away from me before, ever! And that was reason enough for me to be glued to Yahoo, CNN, BBC, Twitter, you name it, trying to track the latest on what’s going on.

Anyhow as soon as he came online, I felt much better. Yet immediately afterwards, my thoughts turned back to those affected by this disaster – the victims, their families and friends, the lost and injured. All that suffering, my gosh, my heart really goes out to them.

Watching the videos and pictures made me realize how fragile life is. And yet in other news, I see greed, fighting and needless killing. Isn’t it bad enough that one natural disaster can wipe out so many of our fellow humans? Why don’t we channel our energy into praying for the victims of natural disasters and for world peace instead?

Say a prayer too for the brave and tireless rescue teams and their dogs. On a brighter note, I heard this morning that one of my cousins who works in Tokyo is safe.

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  • Adelina P

    thanks for posting. My inlaws live in Japan, as well as other extended family. We don’t normally watch the news, but when hubby turned on the computer it was the first thing we saw, and we immediately started calling family. Thankfully everyone we know is alright, but there are many more that still need our prayers