German in our kitchen

We’ve been to the Deutsches Gasthaus once or twice but my girls can’t seem to get enough of it. Me, not so much. To me, an entire meal of nothing but sausages and potatoes is a little hard to swallow (pun?).

When I caught my girls trying to slip the Gasthaus into Skye’s birthday eat-out list, I went to the local deli and bought 2 types of Bratwurst sausages – regular and garlic. Fancied ’em up a bit, sauteed them lightly in olive oil and voila!

A bed of red and green romaine lettuce sprinkled with slices of mandarin oranges.

Scalloped potatoes, a hot favorite in my kitchen.

And in the spirit of our ongoing birthday celebration, I indulged the girls in 3 slices of decadent chocolate cake from Coffee Bean.

There, we just saved a bundle on an insanely expensive meal of nothing but German sausages plus tax, parking and gas money 😉 .

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  • kitkat

    u sure know how to cook cos those sausages look tasty :p
    and the cake.. Oooh wish i cld get my hands on that
    pls follow bck 🙂

  • Crystal

    Here from the blog hop and those look sooo good right now. Helped out with a charity supper and didn’t eat much… so that is making me super hungry!

  • Amy

    That all looks so good. I’ve never had German food that I’m aware of. Funny thing is I have a lot of German heritage in my family. These look so tasty I am going to have to find a great recipe and try it out.

    I am a new follower from the Thursday blog hops. Come and visit me at:

    Have a blessed week!

  • Mary B.

    I am now following you thru GFC as a new follower. I am new to blogging with a little over 2 months and learn something new every day. I will make mistakes so please be patient until I get the hang of it all. I would greatly appreciate a follow back. Thanks!