A love letter, a man (who is really a woman) and a date with a hunk

Don’t ask me what I did this weekend. It went so fast I didn’t have a chance to see where it went. Not that we did very much, mind you. Just lunch and a grocery run on Saturday afternoon and a couple of late movie nights. Very late by our standards! 1:00am, to be exact, two nights in a row!

Here are the 3 movies me and my girls watched.

1. Letters to Juliet which I really like for its schoolgirlishly romantic plot. If I’d written a book in my teens (wish I had!), this is exactly the kind of story line I would’ve come up with. It’s about a writer wannabe who inadvertently finds herself helping a lady find the love of her life after 50 years.

2. Win A Date With Tad Hamilton which is about a small town girl who wins a dinner date with a big movie star. Well, if I ever won a date with Paul Walker, I’d be a lot more light-headed than her 😆 . Chances are pretty slim but still a girl can dream, can’t she?

3. She’s the Man which is a really fun movie about a girl who pretends to be a guy to get into an all-boys soccer team. Hilarious! It reminded me of the time when my family was moving to the big city, I almost ended up in an all-boys’ high school so yeah, I can so see how it could’ve turned into one big laugh.

By now, you’re probably seeing a trend here. All 3 movies are charming in their own way. I loved them all, went to bed with a big smile on my face and slept right through my alarm.

Okay, now let me explain why my alarm clock was going off on the weekend. My phone is set to go off at 6:00am on weekdays, and 7:30am on weekends… no particular reason except that I hate getting to the grocery store late and not finding a parking spot.

I really should learn to relax and kick back 😀 . But how? More movies? Any good romantic comedies you’d care to recommend?

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  • Kathleen

    My first date with my husband was to see “How to lose a man in 10 days”. A mindless romantic comedy that still holds a special place for me. Also, the Bridget Jones movies make me laugh every time I see them.

    Following from bloggymoms. Great site!

  • ThaiHoa

    I love She’s The Man, the other two, not so much for some reason. I was very disappointed in Letters to Juliet. I recommend Pride and Prejudice, When in Rome, and My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend. Hey following you now on Twitter, follow me back! 1tootiefoodie