Ready, set your workout goals, go!

Raine and I are driving home from the gym after our workout and we’re talking and snacking in the car. As usual. And you know, the thing about doing, or starting, a workout routine is that you must first have an objective or a goal in mind.

Obviously different people exercise for different reasons. I exercise to stay fit and toned. I wear sleeveless all the time so for me, the last thing I need are arms that will have me airborne when I lift them up 😉 . Some of my gym buddies exercise so they won’t feel guilty about binge-ing, others obviously to lose weight.

So it’s good to have your goals in mind when you’re setting out to exercise. First off, it helps you plan the workout routine that will help you reach those goals like frequency and types of exercises, diet, stuff like that.

Also if and when you do plateau out and start wondering why you’re not seeing the kind of results you’re expecting, it’s much easier to get back on track if you have those goals to fall back on, to remind you and to motivate you to keep going.

The biggest shame, I think, is giving up too soon. Results take time and consistency, and if you feel like throwing in the towel, tell yourself to give it just a couple more weeks and then really work at it, give it your best shot. Those 1 or 2 weeks might just be the vital time needed for you to start seeing results. So don’t give up! 😉

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